Sunday, 14 June 2015

LATEST NEWS // We've got the lease!

Great news, we've finally got the lease for the Forest Gate Community Garden site. Check out the images below for the moment when Steering Group Members Lloyd Jeans and Myanah Saunders signed the official document on 21 May 2015. After two years of negotiations, a very exciting moment indeed! Read on for what it all means...

Lloyd holding the official document on 21 May 2015 – at last!
We now have the lease for 5 years with the proviso that after a year – so from 21 May 2016 – we are on 3 months notice from the powers that be at Newham Council. Which means we have a full year to knock our garden into amazing shape, while making it portable to transport to another site if we needs to (fingers crossed this doesn't happen but if it does we want to be optimistic and ready).Thanks to everyone who has been involved in the securing of the lease, both on the Steering Group and at the council.
Myanah signing the lease – a very exciting day indeed!

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