Monday, 25 January 2016

Making The Garden Grow - The Inside Story: 26

New Year,  New Garden

So much has been happening since the FGCG re-opened on 9th January and things are really coming together now.

Our first raised beds and seating area
The finished Quiet Zone and Pond
Our amazing team of volunteers have finished the Kids Area and the Quiet Zone (apart from a final few touches to the book shed).  We're also finishing off the pond area paving so that we can start filling and decorating the pond. Paths are being laid to connect the various parts of the garden and the entertainment space is now a roofed stage with deck board flooring.
The finished Kids Area and fallen hoarding

View from the Stage out into the garden
Seating and raised beds are starting to appear and all the lovely pots of bulbs planted in December are being dotted around garden and bring some welcome Spring colour and to decorate the seating areas. It's looking great as you can see from the photos.

Still a bit to do before Spring so if you're free on Saturday morning come along and take a look/help out!

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