Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Making The Garden Grow - The Inside Story: 13

 Kids Away! (August 2015)

This month we held a kids open afternoon.  It was a simple event with drawing, tattoos and games such as scoring points if you got the pebble in the pot, hopscotch and skittles. 

Fun & games
The kids also had great fun running around the Buddleja forest and climbing one of the giant ‘cotton reels’.  it was good to see the potential of the space and getting the kids' ideas on what they'd like to have in their area.  We also asked the kid's to draw the kinds of animals and insects they thought might be in the garden - we got a lot of spiders! 

The event went well and we'll be holding them every half term until the FGCG's open full time.

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