Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Making the Garden Grow - The Inside Story: 2

A Leap of Faith (January 2015)

The Groundworks team at Canning Town
Groundworks & FGCG Volunteers

Negotiations with Newham Council for the lease have taken almost 2 years to complete and when we contacted Groundworks  we were working on faith that the lease would indeed be finalised and soon. 

Groundworks collect, recycle and distribute materials from various construction sites including the Olympic Park after the Games.  All manner of stuff is stored on a vacant site in Canning Town and we went armed with our shopping list.  Transport is always an issue but Groundworks kindly agreed to deliver the materials with the help of some of their volunteers.  A group of FGCG volunteers were also on hand both at Canning Town and the garden to help with loading and unloading our hoard.  We managed to get 3 trucks full of goodies including river rocks, plastic sheeting, astro-turf, a pair of rocking benches and paving slabs, which will all go to good use.  

Loaded with goodies and ready to roll

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