Monday, 10 November 2014

FEATURE // 'Nature on the Flats' // Rosemary Stephens // 3-9 November 2014

Welcome to our very first series on the Forest Gate Community Garden blog – a truly inspiring weekly wildlife diary by local artist and nature photographer Rosemary Stephens...

Thanks to Rosemary's generosity we have permission to share some of the amazing photographs she posts each day on her Twitter account 'Nature on the Flats' @RoseStephensArt.

Many of Rosemary's images are taken right on our doorstep in Forest Gate, London E7 – and especially on the wonderful green space that is Wanstead Flats. They include birds, insects, fauna and flora from wrens, robins and kestrels to spiders, moths, caterpillars and the ubiquitous squirrel.

Amazing to think that we might have some of the same fantastic wildlife in the Forest Gate Community Garden very soon.

Herewith are some images from 3-9 November 2014. To find captions including names of items visit Rosemary's Twitter feed and scroll back between the dates above.



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