Monday, 10 November 2014

LATEST NEWS // Amazing landscaping items secured from Groundwork London // Strong volunteers required

A big thanks to Groundwork London for helping the Forest Gate Community Garden secure some amazing landscaping items for our gardening, from the former Olympic site. Very exciting progress. We can't wait to see them in situ...

We are truly grateful for this free donation, especially to Forest Gate Cllr Ellie Robinson who arranged the meeting, Peter and Colin from Groundwork London, and Lisa and Hugh from the FGCG Steering Group who went to choose all the items.


Groundwork London are going to deliver the items to the garden site in a lorry at a convenient date to us and them – hopefully soon – but we will need some strong volunteers at our end (136 Earlham Grove, Forest Gate E7) to help unload and place items in a safe spot.

We'll post the exact date as soon as we have a concrete arrangement. It will probably be in December or January and should be in the week and during daylight/working hours. If anybody could and would like to help with this vital task please email as soon as possible so we can start to create a solid team. Mark subject: Groundwork Team


  • The remnants of a plastic bottle greenhouse – frames and some bottles
  • Some oddments of timber
  • Some lengths of trellis
  • A pallet of small concrete paving slabs – red, yellow and grey
  • A tonne bag of large river stones and a tonne bag of washed pebbles
  • A pile of lengths of corrugated plastic
  • Wooden decking squares
  • Two fantastic benches that only need a little TLC
  • 20sq metres of artificial turf and underlay
  • The option to take the frames of a permaculture kit which would provide us with some ready-made raised beds (separate transport required as too big for the lorry)

We can't wait to work these fantastic items into our design and see them fully installed in the Forest Gate Community Garden.


Groundwork is a national charity that works with communities across the UK supporting them to create better places, live and work in a greener, more sustainable way and to improve their economic prospects. They've been working in London for over 20 years helping to create a brighter, greener future for London and all Londoners.

They promote environmental best practice and play an active role in helping communities across London to become more sustainable, through education, training, community engagement, business support and collaborative open space improvements.

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