Tuesday, 25 November 2014

MEMBER NEWS: We need volunteers / Can you help?

Dear Garden Member

Over the last few weeks we've been talking to Groundwork (www.groundwork.org.uk) whose ethos is 'Changing places, changing lives - building stronger communities by improving green space'.  They've offered us a fantastic amount of ex Olympic reclaimed equipment and building materials for the Forest Gate Community Garden, which they will deliver to the site.

As part of the deal the Groundwork team have asked if we could drum up some volunteers to help with the loading in Canning Town and unloading in Forest Gate, which is where you come in!

Ideally we'd like to gather a group of 20 people so that we could have a decent sized team at either end. Basically the faster we can load and unload the more trips between sites they can do and the more equipment and materials we can have.

Some of the materials include bags of river stones and gravel and are bulky and heavy, so good gloves and solid footwear are essential. There are also lighter items, plastic sheeting and a plastic bottle greenhouse, so please help where and if you can.

We're hoping to set a date before Christmas this year. We really need you if you can make it, which is why we're trying to give you some advanced warning. We'll get back to you with a definite date and time as soon as we have one, as I know we're all chomping at the bit to get started.

Please email back to say if you, or any of your friends and family, are willing to help in principle (we know it will depend on the date/time): info@forestgate-community-garden.org.uk

Many thanks

Lisa and the rest of the Steering Group

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