Monday, 19 January 2015

LATEST NEWS // Glorious sunshine for the first Forest Gate Community Garden site clear

It's been an exciting first few weeks of 2015 for the Forest Gate Community Garden. First we heard that we are nearly there with the lease and then we had an amazing turn out for our first ever site clear on 11 January 2015 – 35 people no less, most with their own tools! A magical moment for everyone who has worked so hard to try and get this garden off the ground.

For those who couldn't make it, the first ever scavenging and clearing of the Forest Gate Community Garden site at 136 Earlham Grove was a roaring success.

A brilliant 35 people turned up, most with their own tools, and there was a very good health and safety briefing from Bill Bremner.

Within just over an hour a path to the concrete was cleared, rubbish picked up, salvageable material stored, stuff for removal stacked  and hazards identified (quite a lot of these).

The sun shone and Lisa directed her troops in a very encouraging and effective manner! Now all we need to do is get enough people to move the stuff in on the 23 January.

Well done to everyone!

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