Monday, 26 January 2015

LATEST NEWS // Share the love with a love heart at Number 8 Forest Gate

Wondering how to mark the occasion this Valentine's Day? Stick a love note – for a partner, family member, friend, secret crush or even a local organisation you admire – in the window of Number 8 Forest Gate Emporium

Hearts cost just £2 (£1 for kids), plus a percentage of money raised goes to the Forest Gate Community Garden so you can share the love with us too.

Andie from Number 8 Forest Gate Emporium has loads of red hearts already cut out to stick in the window so beat the crowds and get your message up now. It's a great way to love your local too and say thanks to any local organisation or person that makes your day.

Valentine's Day also falls on a Saturday this year so it's easy to lure the recipient of your message to the window of Number 8 by organising a quick trip to Woodgrange Market (1-4pm each Saturday) or CoffeE7.

You can also buy some great heart and love-themed gifts in Number 8 Forest Gate including local honey and cards from local artists. Can't wait for the day when we start making local honey in the garden too!


Number 8 Forest Gate Emporium
8 Sebert Road, Forest Gate, London E7 0NQ
020 8534 3424
Open 9am to 6pm every day

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