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MEMBER NEWS // Last urgent call for strong volunteers to help move materials into garden // Friday 23 Jan

We've secured some amazing donated items from the Olympics 2012 – via Groundwork London / Freeusables (free usable items from the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park given to viable community groups) – but we need some strong and willing volunteers to help move them. Can you help? 

This Friday 23 January, from 8.45am in Canning Town (to collect and load up materials) or 9.45am in Forest Gate (to unload and store on site). We had a great turn out last Friday 11 January to clear the site, with over 30 people enjoying their hour of New Year toil in the sunshine and marking a key moment for the garden and its Members. Help on Friday and you can say you were there from the beginning too...

Below is a list of people – Members and otherwise – who have already agreed to donate their time.
If you haven't volunteered yet (we know Friday can be tricky for workers) but can help, or your name is not on the list below, please let us know ASAP to There's a free packed lunch in there for all willing volunteers!

We have set up two groups. One with Hugh Barnard at the Forest Gate Community Garden site at 136 Earlham Grove (opposite the Royal Mail Sorting Office) and the other with Lisa Eller at Canning Town. If you have transport, and the energy, you can follow the lorry and offer your help at both sites.


Forest Gate
Hugh Barnard
Sally Day
Gillian Lewis
Don Lewis
Darren Farr
Susan Fulbrook
Tom Ellis
Peter Chauncy
Erika Robinson
Jo Tyson

Canning Town
Lisa Eller
Bill Bremner
Matthew Saunders
Les Rice
David Mow
Ruslan Zotovas


If you're with Lisa at Canning Town, please meet her outside the tube station at 8:45am.  For those of you who don't know Lisa, she has short red hair, will be wearing dungarees and has a green bicycle.  If you're held up, please ring Lisa on 07952 220103 for directions.

If you at the Forest Gate end please meet Hugh outside the Garden at 9.45am. His number is 07472 744450.


You will need to read the FGCG Health and Safety Guidance for Volunteers and sign the Volunteer Registration Form to say you have read it (both are available on our website Key Documents page). If you worked on the site last Sunday 11 January you have already signed this form and don't need to do it again. You can email it back to or bring it with you on the day.

Please wear suitable layers of work clothes, strong footwear and tough work gloves if you have them. We can provide them if necessary. We are also hoping for press coverage so don your best smile!

There is an element of risk attached to moving these materials as some are quite large and heavy.We shall have an health and safety briefing before we start, and as long as you follow that guidance you are covered by our insurance in the very unlikely event of an accident.


The materials we expect to collect are:

1) The remnants of a plastic bottle greenhouse (partial frame and bottles)
2) Timber
3) Lengths of trellis
4) Pallet of paving slabs
5) A tonne bag of large river stones and a tonne bag of washed pebbles (if possible)
6) Sheets of corrugated plastic
7) Wooden decking squares
8) Two wave shaped benches
9) Artificial turf and underlay
10) Anything else I can think of  if we have time


If you would like to cover this story in your magazine, newspaper or blog and need more details please contact Myanah Saunders, Forest Gate Community Garden Steering Group – Acting Co-ordinator on /
or call 07811 346722.


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