Monday, 7 December 2015

Making the Garden Grow - The Inside Story: 24

Inside Out

As you're probably aware the hoarding blew down during the heavy winds and rain Sunday night just over a week ago.

Member and regular building volunteer, Kevin, who lives overlooking the garden alerted Myanah and a group of us gathered to see what could be done.  Much excitement ensued with the Fire Brigade in attendance and the police notified.  Everyone was waiting for an emergency team to come and make the area safe, which was done at around 8pm.

The wall was subsequently taken down on the Sprowston Road side as far as the old Victorian gate as it posed a risk to public safety.  The hoarding is being stored in the garden until we can put it back up - hopefully very soon and for good this time!  Meanwhile we're all grateful for everyone who's keeping an eye on the site for us - thank you.  

Building work is going on as usual and next Saturday (12 Dec) will be our last official day of 2015.  However, some of us might be popping in and out to do odd jobs between now and opening again next year (9 Jan) when we'll start constructing raised beds and seating.

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