Monday, 14 December 2015

Making The Garden Grow - The Inside Story: 25

2015 - A Good Year!

Saturday was our last official work session for 2015 and what a great one it was too!  

The pond ready for lining
The quiet zone - comfy!
Our new willow arch bike parking

The quiet zone really took shape and we were able to finally put in the seating and planter, which makes it look really cosy and inviting.  Only the shed to finish now.

The pond's ready for in-filling with topsoil and carpet first thing next year and should be fully lined and ready to go by the end of Jan - ready for all that winter rain.  

Our new bike parking area's complete.  We've planted some willow saplings in the hope that we can weave an arch over the bikes for cover and protection. It should also look gorgeous. 

The entertainment shelter takes shape

Work on the entertainment shelter started in ernest and the framework is now complete.  Pallet flooring, water harvester ceiling and bannister rails to be added in the New Year.

The kid's zone, recently our bulb planting area, has now been tidied and a makeshift weed membrane laid down over the section marked for grass seed next spring,  Hopefully this will mean a quick hoe over before seeding instead of a major dig.

The kids zone waiting for grass

The kid's zone from the main gates
A great big thank you to everyone who came along to work, deliver cake, give advice or shared a few words of encouragement - we really appreciate it all!

See you all in the New Year - enjoy!

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