Monday, 7 December 2015

Making The Garden Grow - The Inside Story: 25

Gates A Go-Go!

Belated but special thanks go to Keiran, Dara and Bill  who spent a good few hours fixing the entrance gates on Earlham Grove a few weeks ago.

The gates had never shut properly and the job wasn't quite as straightforward as it looked - the gates are very heavy and only had a wobbly post to hang on to. 

The guys reinforced the post and put a wheel on the bottom of the right-hand gate to take the strain off of the post.  The  left-hand gate also has a new drop bolt to replace the one stolen during the break-in in the summer, which holds it nice and still.    

The higher left gate means that you no longer have to use a length of metal as a wedge to raise it to line up the padlocks.  I for one won't miss trying to raise the gate with one hand (and foot) whilst bashing at the hasps with a hammer to get them closed!  

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